Betty's Body Pain:


I came to Alex in November 2011 because I was suffering from severe multiple joint pain and fibromyalgia. I had been dealing with this condition for about twenty years, among many other health issues. The pain was so intense and constant that it has also caused fatigue, difficulty sleeping, irritability and some depression. After beginning my treatments, I began feeling improvement after my second appointment. Within two weeks of treatment I can confidently say I feel the best I have felt in 20 years. I feel more lively and I'm getting my best sleep in a long time. During the treatment I felt relaxed and rested. I highly recommend Alex to anyone who has had their quality of life reduced due to pain and illness.

-Betty F.

Dec 6th. 2011



 Chronic Pain in the neck:


After undergoing great trauma to my cervical spine, I have sought medical help for years using various therapies, including chiropractic, physical and massage therapies, steroid injections and pain medications.  Through his gentle and thorough acupuncture treatments, Dr Torres has helped to provide me with much-needed relief from my constant and intense neck pain.  Using his expertise in Chinese herbal healing, Dr Torres has also helped to ease the insomnia and anxiety I have endured because of continuous spinal discomfort.  I highly recommend his practice to anyone seeking care for ongoing pain or physical distress. 

- Renée O. / Charleston, SC